The Life of Moses

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The Life of Moses


Moses comes alive in this retelling of his story by the famous French poet Edmond Fleg (translated from the French by Lord Stephen Haden-Guest). Fascinated with the life of Moses, Fleg decided to gather the scattered fables recounted by prominent rabbis in the Talmud plus the legends and stories passed down through the generations in the early Midrashim. In undertaking this estimable assignment, Fleg has done a superb job of weaving together the religious, historical and biographical aspects of Moses’ life in a splendid style. The Egyptian, Middle Eastern and Jewish cultures of the time provide the background for this captivating tale about the “man of God at whose death the earth and heaven and the Lord God Himself wept, saying, ‘There shall be no other Moses.'”

What emerges from this retelling is a figure no less majestic than in the Bible story, but certainly more accessible to the modern mind. In Fleg’s draft, Moses, who lived 4,000 years ago, somehow is brought into focus so that his pilgrimage and his walk with God become an inspiration and an encouragement to all who would seek God’s face. This jewel, too long missing from library shelves, is here reissued as part of our Religious Classics Series.



Swiss-born French poet, essayist and dramatist Edmond Fleg (1874–1963) studied at schools in Geneva and at the Sorbonne where he earned a licence de lettres. He became a theatre critic and dramatist in Paris, but deeply affected by the Dreyfus affair (1894–1906), he volunteered for the Foreign Legion in World War I and was awarded the Croix de Guerre in 1918.


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