Finding Palestine

Finding Palestine


One day in 1978, Liza Elliott hopped onto a bus and sat next to a man from the Holy Land. He called himself a Palestinian and his homeland, Palestine. Neither names registered in her American frame of reference, and his description of life there ran counter to anything she’d been taught. Skeptical but intrigued, Liza Elliott slid into parallel adventures of self-discovery and political awakening which led her to finding Palestine. Invited to work as a medical health consultant for the Red Crescent Society in the Middle East, she soon discovered a world she never knew existed. As a personal witness of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, this nice Catholic girl from the Midwest found herself dodging bullets and treating the wounded! Described here in a truly fascinating account of her adventures.

“A significant map for those willing to take the road less traveled to truth and comprehension with respect to Palestine,” says Jerry Levin, former CNN bureau chief in Beirut, Lebanon. He concludes, “Essentially, this is a book about decent, courageous people struggling for recognition and justice” which “describes the necessary first steps that need to be taken toward peace with justice in the Holy Land.”

Robert B. Ashmore, professor of philosophy at Marquette University, adds, “An engaging work with abundant information about the history and current status of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.”

“An authentic picture of the suffering Palestinians endured for decades, helping to explain the conflict that spread far beyond the Holy Land,” says Atallah Mansour, Christian Arab journalist living in Nazareth, Israel.



Dr. Liza Elliott, a graduate nurse with a Ph.D. in sociology, has worked extensively as a consultant with the Red Crescent Society in the Middle East ever since the late 70s and the civil war in Lebanon. Currently, she is active in many organizations trying to promote international peace and is also lecturing on refugee health care as an adjunct professor at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, where she lives with her husband Peter Glaeser.


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