Einstein Myth and the Ives Papers

Einstein Myth and the Ives Papers


Edited by Dean Turner, Ph.D. and Richard Hazelett, this book comprises excerpts from National Merit Medal winner Dr. Herbert Eugene Ives’ response to Einstein’s theories which Dr. Ives called a “myth”. Included as well are reprints of “The Einstein Myth” by Dr. Turner and a condensed version of “Euclid or Einstein” by Jeremiah Joseph Callahan and comments by others. This is a monumental scientific work that shatters the relativity theory and replaces it with a new, readily understood theory that is in conformity with all known phenomena. It restores logical clarity, common sense and realism to the study of space and time and opens the door to greater freedom of creative research, speculation, progress and practical discovery in the fields of physics and cosmology. The notes alone reveal startling, unexpected, little-known facts that read like a mystery story.

These insights won wide acclamation for Turner and Hazelett who compiled these papers revolving around Ives’ response to Einstein’s theories. This is a reprint of the 1980 edition originally published by Devin-Adair Publishers of Old Greenwich, CT. Sir Joseph Larmor, the acclaimed Irish physicist and mathematician who made innovations in the understanding of electricity, dynamics, thermodynamics and the electron theory of matter, said, “You have in fact reduced things to commonsense by keeping clear of tensors and other impressive complications.” And as Elmore Everest Butterfield commented on these papers, “Ives works with physical concepts, whereas Einstein, et al, makes mathematical fummadiddles give him the ‘right’ answers.”



A research engineer for the Hazelett Stripcasting Corp. in Colchester, VT, RICHARD HAZELETT has pursued philosophy as a 50-year vocation. With degrees from Oberlin College, the University of Texas and Boston University, he has published on subjects as diverse as economic stability, political representation, mechanical engineering and the foundations of geometry. A professor of philosophy at the University of No. Colorado, Greeley, DEAN TURNER has published widely mainly in the fields of ethics, religion, education and philosophy of sciences. He has degrees from Centro de Estudios Universitarios, Mexico and a Ph.D. from the University of Texas.


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