Adventures of Faith: On Learning to Walk on Water

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Adventures of Faith: On Learning to Walk on Water


While Jesus was on earth he never displayed fear, so to be made into the image of Christ we must learn to shed our fears and anxieties. Yet so much of our energy centers on trying not to drown in the turbulent waters where we find ourselves − sinking with worries about our security problems, money problems, health problems, insurance problems, retirement problems, and then all the interpersonal problems of dealing with feuding family members, estranged friends and those who would cheat us, berate us, not give us credit where it is due and generally try – too often successfully – to make our lives miserable. In the face of all this, what can we possibly do to be serious about our walk of faith?

Here Faith Sand shares some practical insights on how to give up the weights that drag us down to the deep and how to eschew the hopelessness that makes us fear the storm. Sand claims in this anecdotal accounting that it is possible to put on the mind of Christ and become lights on the hill in this dark world, salt to season and make palatable the culture we live in and yeast to lighten and give life to the world. Then when Christ says, “Come!” we can fearlessly walk with him on the stormy seas that surround us.



FAITH ANNETTE SAND was a missionary in Brazil for 15 years and had a seminary degree in the field of Cross-Cultural Studies. She lived in Pasadena with her husband, Rev. Albert G. Cohen.


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